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SCUBA Show Preview: 26 Years as THE Diving Event of the Year! June 8th & 9th
America's largest consumer dive expo at the Long Beach Convention Center June 8 and 9

The event features more than 300 exhibit

Opinions : Editorials
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There's No Place Like Home

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : September 2014
Like most divers I know, I thoroughly enjoy my dive trips to tropical destinations. After all, who doesn't enjoy great visibility, warm water, colorful 

Summertime Is The Right Time

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : August 2014
Water temperature is on the rise. Visibility is increasing. There's plenty of daylight to go along with flattening seas and small surf. You'll find a v 

Very Special Days for Divers are NOW HERE!

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : June 2014
Christmas. New Year's Day. My birthday. My mother's birthday. July 4th. Opening day of baseball season. The World Series. The Super Bowl. Starting way  

Dream It, Do It

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : April 2014
A blue whale, the largest creature to have ever lived, appears on the edge of visibility and then comes into view as it swims through a dense concentra 

Your Basic Certification: Licensed to Learn

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : January 2014
Like a lot of divers I participate in the diving community in several ways. One way is by serving on the Board of Trustees of the Reef Environmental an 

Homecoming to California Diving

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : December 2013
I have just returned home from Orlando, Florida‚äîwhere I did not go to Disney World. However, I did attend the annual Diving Equipmen 

Go Diving. Now.

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : October 2013
Experienced California divers know that our diving changes with the seasons. In the winter we can experience squid "runs" and visits from California gr 

On Moray Hunting

Author  : Capt. Patrick Smith
Date  : September 2013
I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute this guest editorial, especially since I'm writing to take issue with an article that appears in the Au 

Now's the Time to Explore A Kelp Forest

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : August 2013
"The number of living creatures of all Orders, whose existence intimately depends on the kelp is wonderful. A great volume might be written, describing 

Getting Certified Is Just The Beginning

Author  : Marty Snyderman
Date  : July 2013
Recently, along with thousands of other certified scuba divers and people who are curious about our sport, I attended SCUBA Show 2013 in Long Beach, Ca 

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