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The Horn Sharks, Heterodontus: A "Different" Kind
Back in my early days of diving, a couple of men I knew sported necklaces featuring a single horn shark spine. Luckily, the days of West Coast div

Marine Life - Hunting and Gathering
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Rock Scallops

Author  : Bruce Watkins
Date  : January 2009
The last time you swam along a rocky wall or pinnacle you may have noticed the rock grinning back at you with a vibrant red or green “smile.&rdqu 

Lobster Fever: A Cautionary Tale

Author  : Pat Smith
Date  : October 2008
It’s 3 a.m. in mid-September 197xx and I’m roaring down the 405 Freeway with a crazy person driving. All the windows are down and the 70 mp 

Diver's Guide to Abalone Biology - With Hints for Better Hunting

Author  : Bruce Watkins
Date  : April 2008
Each April abalone season reopens and divers flock to the sea to satisfy their craving for this tasty treat. Abalones are complex creatures, and this c 

Little Known Lobster Facts

Author  : Dale Sheckler
Date  : October 2007
It is that time of year again when the underwater hunters come out of the woodwork beating their chest and weaving great stories and yarns about fantas 

The North Coast's 3 Best Abalone Sites for Beginners

Author  : Bruce Watkins
Date  : April 2007
Northern California divers anticipate the opening of abalone season much like children anticipate Santa. And, for good reason, since this tasty mollusk 

Lobster Diving 101

Author  : Dale Sheckler
Date  : October 2006
Pacific spiny lobster (Panulirus interruptus) is the finest dinning experience a seafood lover can have. And venturing forth into the underwater realm  

A Beginner's Guide to Catching Abalone

Author  : Bruce Watkins
Date  : April 2006
Each April divers come down to the sea in rubber suits in search of one of California’s most tasty treats. The red abalone is the world’s l 

Basic Speargun Customizing

Author  : Dale Sheckler
Date  : March 2004

As you get better in your spearfishing techniques, or you want to stalk more advance quarry, you will find that your basic speargun may not suit  

Lobster Scouting Report: West Palos Verdes

Author  : Dale Sheckler
Date  : October 2003
Gaining much of my diving experience as a young man around the west side of Palos Verdes (PV), I never seemed to lack lobster in my freezer during the  

The Secret Lives of Lobster

Author  : Dale Sheckler
Date  : September 2003
The key to the successful hunt of an animal is a solid understanding of the habits, quirks and behavior of your particular quarry. With lobster season  

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