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Groovy Wall
It's easy to imagine a hippie artist from the 1960s created this dive site by throwing bright colors randomly onto a canvas and proclaiming it, "cool,

Dive Spots - South Coast
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Scoring a Satisfying Dive at Point Loma's Goal Posts

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : January 2015
One the largest continuous kelp forests in all of coastal Southern California is off Point Loma, San Diego. Depending on seasons and  

Mission Beach's NOSC Tower Wreck

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : October 2014
The ocean has a way of taking massive metallic creations of man, smashing and tearing them, and throwing them to the sea floor in a heap. Then in its o 

Enjoying SoCal's Deer Creek

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : September 2014
The next time you are heading out of L.A. for Ventura or Santa Barbara take the coastal route. Highway 1, also known as Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) or  

Diver's Cove and Fisherman's Cove Loop

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : April 2014
We headed out for Laguna Beach on a bright sunny morning with the intent of diving Shaw's Cove. I love diving Shaw's Cove. Problem is, so does everybod 

Aquarium of the Pacific's Dive Immersion Program

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : March 2014
One of my happiest childhood memories is of a family outing to Marineland of the Pacific on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The one image that sticks out i 

Terrenea Resort dive spot article correction

Author  :
Date  : October 2013
A correction to the previously published article on diving the Terrenea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is in order. (The correction has been made 

Palos Verdes -- Terranea Resort

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : October 2013
As we prepared for our dive, dolphins swam a mere 50 yards from shore. This was good sign, indicating the likelihood of good fish life. Or perhaps the  

Bountiful Corona Del Mar State Beach

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : July 2013
Divers who enjoy hunting their own seafood from South Orange County waters should consider a trip to Corona Del Mar State Beach. While this beach is pa 

Destination: Underwater California, Part 2: Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Author  : Steven M. Barsky
Date  : May 2013
For those of you planning on visiting California to dive, please recognize that the number of dive sites here far exceeds what we can cover in a few pa 

The Wreck of the Ruby E

Author  : Dale and Kim Sheckler
Date  : March 2013
The Ruby E is adorned with colorful marine life, but alas, the grand old lady is beginning to show her age. After all, she's been serving as an  

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